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I was born in Ostuni (Apulia, Italy) in 1994, starting to photograph in analog when i was a child. In 2011 I approached digital photography, starting to work on different photographic genres, in events, in food photography and experimenting with street and portrait photography. In 2013 I moved to Turin, where I studied at the Polytechnic of Turin obtaining a master’s degree in Architecture for sustainable design in 2020, with a thesis on photography of landscapes related to slow tourism. In these seven years I lived between Turin, Rome and Ostuni, working for two years as creative director of a start-up and deepening my photography studies developing collaborations with architects and companies in the field of communication. Today, in addition to collaborating as an architect, I work as a photographer and videomaker in advertising and architecture. I also published in magazines such as Ville and Casali, Quin, Xtra, AD Russia, Top Decoration World, Green Building Magazine.


Today my photographic research leads me to study the territory and architectures of abandonment, between the search for the vital characters of the places and the human event present or forgotten. I am addicted to the stories of after life, tales of unwritten.



Archilovers "Best Projects 2017, 2019, 2020.

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